Desk and Laptop Setup

Before starting this blog, I graduated from college a college couple of months ago, and to officially put an end to an era I decided to wipe out my whole computer (not before backing up all the important files in google drive). As my first post I decided to write about my desk setup, apps that I use, and all that, so let’s get started 🤓

Desk setup 💺

Since everybody is working from home now, I see a lot of people posting their desk setup and I wanted to jump on the same train, so here’s my list:

  • Vivo standing legs

    I highly recommend these legs, they’re easy to put together and have a lot of flexibility for adjustable size depending on the countertop, I need to warn you about connecting it directly to the socket because mine burned, fortunately, Vivo customer support is amazing and they sent the replacement after sending an email.

  • white countertop from local woodshop (29.5" x 63")

    I found something similar atIkea, but you need to find a place to cut it to the desired size.

  • Hbada ergonomic chair

    I’m not a big fan of ergonomic chairs (maybe because I’m already sitting in a comfy one) but I did my research to find a cheap and comfy chair that adjusts to my needs, I thought about changing the wheels for skating wheels, but the ones that come with the chair are good enough right now.

Techie hardware:

  • Samsung 24" curved monitor

    I only have one monitor but I’m planning to buy more whenever I find a good sale, I bought this monitor a couple of years ago, and I’ve been pretty happy with it.

I used to use the trackpad on my laptop and the keyboard a lot, but sincecoffee + laptop + meisn’t a good combination, I decided to get a stand, external keyboard, and mouse to be safe while working and drinking, I also have the cheapest wrist pad for the mouse I could find on amazon.

  • Lamicall laptop stand

    it fits my 15" MacBook pro, nothing else to say, it can rotate but I don’t use that.

  • Nutype F1 keyboard

    Since I used to work directly from my laptop, I wanted a mechanical keyboard and I found this one on Kickstarter which I backed it like a year ago, it’s been a good keyboard since I can use it on top of the laptop keyboard and any surface.

  • Logitech MX Master 3 mouse

    I got this one because since I was so used to the trackpad, I wanted something that mimics the same touch gestures, and this mouse makes that job easily.

  • Macbook Pro 15" 16GB ram, Radeon Pro 560X 4GB with 520GB

    this isn’t mine, this is from my job

  • Macbook Pro 13" 8GB ram, 128GB

    this is my personal computer actually, I forgot to tell you that I bought the NuType keyboard because I spill some wine on it and all the keys are sticky

  • Ipad pro 64GB with apple pen

    I use this mostly for reading, listening to music, take some notes and play Gwent and Legends of Runeterra sometimes


I’m usually not listening to music all the time, but for meetings and all that I have a pair of wireless charging AirPods that do the job just fine, I also use the same pair for running and it’s great.

but when I’m in the“zone”I like listening to music with my

  • Sennheiser HD 4.40 with Bluetooth

    my ears are quite sensitive so I don’t last long with this around my ears, I usually put them on my neck and put the volume at max

now that we have covered all the hardware that I use on my day to day let’s jump to the software and libraries I usually install on my laptop:

- [x] Brew
- [x] Xcode
- [x] brew services (by running brew services list)
- [x] node and npm (with brew)
- [x] Spectacle (for windows organization)
- [x] sync my mail to apple mail app
- [x] Brave browser
- [x] VScode
- [x] Remembear (password manager)
- [ ] Iterm2 (Now I use mac terminal)
- [x] Logi Options (since I have a Logitech mouse)
- [x] Zoom (meetings, meetings, meetings)
- [x] FiraCode font
- [x] OhMyZsh (with a couple of plugins)

cd …